Stewart Little Co-op

est. 1968 | 211 Stewart Ave | 14850 Ithaca, NY

The Community

We are a cooperative of 15 people. Our diverse community reflects the character of this small upstate New York university town. We are an inclusive group open to people of all backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Many of us have some link with Cornell University as graduate students or workers.

The House

We live in a big, somewhat rundown house in Collegetown. We have a large common area and 14 bedrooms. The building is surrounded by a beautiful garden that we use to plant vegtables and do our own compost.

The Co-op

We share all food (vegetarian) and eat together every evening. Each member has a specific responsibility within the house such as accounting, composting, recycling, dealing with membership applications, or managing the kitchen.


Regular leases start in August of each year. We are also always open for people to join our dinners. The easiest way is to contact us via email: You can also like our Facebook Page. We unfortunately aren't "relevant enough" for Wikipedia.

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